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District Choir: Section Gur
Instructor: Ms. Kay   
Open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:20am-8:10am in the music room at Spring, room #141. We perform three concerts a year with the Orchestras in December, February, and May. We also tour the Elementary Schools and attend contest and go to Great America in May.
Singing at Gurrie Graduation
Dear Gurrie Choir Members,

Remember that we are singing “Fly” for the Gurrie Graduation. It’s very important that you sing with us at graduation and make as many of the after school rehearsals as possible. We are inviting the Elementary Choir, band members who are playing at graduation, and the cast and crew of the musical to also join us. Please encourage anyone that fits one of those categories to sing with us. They will need your leadership to learn the song quickly and be able to sing the chorus of the song in three parts. You are the key to the success of the graduation song. Please let me know whether or not you can join us for the graduation song and if you can make it to all the after school rehearsals.

- Thurs. May 18th after school until 4pm
- Tues. May 23rd after school until 4pm
- Tues. May 30th after school until 4pm
- Thurs. June 1st after school until 4pm

Graduation, Tuesday June 6th at the LT field house 4900 South Willow Springs Rd, Western Springs, IL 60558. Enter in the pool entrance.
- 5:45pm singers arrive to rehearse and sound check with the microphones
- 6:15pm all 8th grade students report to their place in line to march in
- 7:00pm Graduation

Uniform: please wear the following uniform. (8th graders are exempt from wearing the uniform as they will be wearing their graduation robes)
• white shirt
• black pants (pants should be natural waist and not be too tight or too loose; a skirt may be substituted if it comes down past the knee and is worn with black tights. Boys may choose to wear a black suit with a white shirt.)
• black socks
• black shoes

Mrs. Kay
(708) 482-2710 ext. 1131
Kane County Cougar Game has been CANCELED
Kane County Cougar Game - will know after 11am if it is cancelled or not
Dear Choir Families,
You may have already seen on the district website that we will not know whether or not the Kane County Cougar will be cancelled until after 11am this morning. Therefore, the music bus will not plan to leave Gurrie until around 11:15am this morning. If you were planning on riding the music bus we will change the meeting time to 11am (from the previously 10:45am). If you could have your ride to Gurrie wait until we know whether or not the game is cancelled that would be a great help. If you are not planning on going to the game because of the rain, please let me know through email
Singing at the Kane County Cougar Game - bring rain coats and umbrellas!
If you are riding the music bus, be at Gurrie on 53rd street by 10:45am on Sunday, April 30th. Check in with Mr. Swartz and Mr. Valdez. The bus will leave at 11am. Once you get to the park, check in with Mrs. Kay. You must let all three teachers know if you are not riding the bus back to Gurrie after the game. Also, if you are riding the bus back to Gurrie, keep in touch with Mr. Swartz and Mr. Valdez so that you know when the bus is leaving the park.

Bring rain coats and umbrellas because we'll be singing the National Anthem at Home Plate.

I just found out that we will also be singing the 7th Inning Stretch "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".
upcoming events
Kane County Cougar Game Forms: These were passed out in choir rehearsals a week ago. I accidently put Friday as the due date so I will take them next week. I’ve attached a copy of the form to this email in case it never got home. Please return the forms whether or not your choir student will be able to sing the National Anthem with us at the game on April 30th or not. We need to get an accurate count so we can get the free tickets for performers and make sure that we have enough t-shirts for everyone.

Band Aid Concert:
• Wednesday April 19th the Gurrie Choir will meet in the band room at 7:40am to run through the combined piece “Siyahamba”.
• Gurrie Choir will be performing at the Band Aid Concert next Thursday night, April 20th. We will meet in the Gurrie lunchroom promptly at 6pm for a free sample wrap from Jimmy John’s. Then, we will go down to the music room at Spring to run through “Changes”. Students should wear the normal black and white concert uniform. (8th grade students who want to wear the African Wrap for the concert should meet in the band room at 5:30pm to learn how to wear the wrap).

Choir Concert: Our final choir concert will be Thursday, April 27th. A copy of the letter passed out at rehearsal Tuesday April 18th can be found at the bottom of this website under "files".
Links to recordings

Jar of Hearts

Stitches (8th grade song) (updated 4/20 this has the entire song)

I'll Tell My Ma
(There are individual recordings for soprano and alto at the bottom of this website under "Files" and then "Recordings")

Tafta Hindi
(Individual recordings of the end of the piece are at the bottom of this website under "Files" and then "Recordings")

Gurrie Choir Sign Up
The link below can be used to sign up for the Gurrie Choir electronically. Students may also pick up a letter and form in the Gurrie office or directly from Mrs. Kay. There is also a copy of the letter at the bottom of this FusionPage under "documents"
Directions to Listen to Choir Pieces on the Internet

To help you practice at home you may listen to any of our choir pieces by doing the following:

  1. go to  and look for “keywords” near the top left hand corner of the website. Its right underneath the big “J.W. Pepper”.
  2. Type in the title of the song and the name of the composer and press “Enter”.
  3. You’ll see the song title come up with a picture of the front cover of the music. Underneath that there is a line with Qty, Number, and Description. Look under the word “Description”. You’ll see a list of arrangements such as SATB, SSA, Two-Part etc. If there’s more than one arrangement, try to find the correct arrangement and listen to that recording (in most cases it will be Two-part). Click on the “MP3 Audio” to listen to the song.


Discussion Topics
Web Pages
 Concert Letter April 27th 2017.pdf
This letter was passed out at choir rehearsal Tues. April 18th
 Concert Letter for Band Aid Concert April 20 2017.pdf
This letter was passed out at rehearsal Tues. April 18th.
 Gurrie Choir September 2016-2017 Letter.pdf
This has information about Gurrie Choir and the form to fill out to join if you would rather fill out a paper copy form instead of the electronic link.
Directions if you would like to submit a drawing for the December program covers. Submissions due to Mrs. Kay by Thursday, December 3rd.
 T TH AM A 2016-2017.pdf
1 of 2 busses to rehearsal
 T TH AM B 2016-2017.docx.pdf
2 of 2 busses to rehearsal (updated 9/23/16)
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